Blogging… back at it again with IntoTrends?

Starting a blog seems so easy… yet I’ve tried it a few times, posted a few posts, and I did not succeed. My conclusion: blogging is harder than it seems.

Why? I have no clue. I love blogs, I like learning how to build my own, but I guess writing an actual blogpost isn’t as easy as it seems.

Nearly 3 years ago a friend of mine (let’s call her A. for now) and I started a blog. We thought we could do it together and challenge and stimulate each other, and initially really liked it! Unfortunately, school and work got in the way and we both couldn’t find time to blog.

And then there was a second problem… what to blog about? There are so many things I’m genuinely interested in, especially fashion and interior. So there you go, (one would think) something to blog about! And yes, often I think “How hard can it be?”…


Because it took me two years to post an actual update. So here I am, back hopefully. Planning on posting blogposts about fashion and interior, and hoping – that this time – it actually lasts.

P.s. If you came this far, and have tips for me on how to maintain blogging, please leave a comment below, it means a lot to me!